Thank you Serena! I have taken ballet classes in quite a few different places and Ballet For You is the best! The curriculum and your teaching are amazing and I love ballet more and more now. Thank you so much!
— Yiting, 32, Kings Cross
I have learned more in 11 weeks with Serena than I have in a year of classes elsewhere. I cannot fault the course. The teaching is excellent and the videos and handouts are so helpful.
— Sally, 31, London Bridge
Serena is simply an amazing teacher. She transfers her knowledge passionately and explains things in a simple but effective way - rewarding as well as pushing people depending on their needs - inspiring! The course was exceptionally rewarding!
— Lara, 37, South Hampstead
Serena’s Ballet For You is an absolute gem... I dare say the best adult ballet classes in London! I came to Serena after many years off dancing. Some years ago, I attempted to return to dancing by going to open classes, giving up after a few weeks since being in overcrowded classes with an enormous range of skills amongst students and no individualized attention from a teacher had me reach for too much, too soon, only to find that my body didn’t follow. I felt lost and discouraged. It became clear to me that finding the right teacher in the right environment was crucial if I was ever going to dance again. I have now attended one term of Serena’s Intermediate/Advanced Intensive Programme and I cannot wait for the next term to begin! Through Serena’s guidance, the process of returning to dancing has been nothing but a joy. Serena’s carefully designed exercises to build strength and control are spot on; I am learning new things in every class and beginning to understand ballet technique in a way I never did before. Serena gives every student attention without overwhelming you with the things that can be improved. Above all, her love for dancing shines through, and to learn from someone with such a vast experience as a professional ballerina and principal dancer is an incredible privilege. The Variations class is the highlight of the week... it is absolutely amazing! We work hard, but we have so much fun. If anyone can help you “bring out the dancer within”, Serena is the one!
— Irina, 37, Morden
Outstanding teacher who takes adult dancers seriously; a well structured course.
— Josh, 34, Wandsworth
Brilliant teaching!
— Svetlana, 28, Palmers Green
Serena’s approach is thoughtful to each individual; she teaches with consistency and allows a systematic building-up of skills and confidence.
— Hester, 32, Stoke Newington
I can certainly feel myself getting stronger and things I couldn’t do at all a few weeks ago are improving. As a bonus, I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist and hips!
— Katherine, 47, Queens Park
Classes are always creative and different. Serena has a very warm style of teaching. She very clearly communicates what she wants to see, but you don’t stand there sweating in fear if something’s going badly. Her focus on technique has been so important to my progress. I know so much more about ballet technique than I did during my 12 years of ballet when I was younger.
— Rebecca, 28, Crystal Palace
The whole course was brilliant. Serena took the time to correct where necessary and compliment when I was doing well. I always felt encouraged and that I was improving. The video clips on youtube were also really helpful. There is a really positive atmosphere in the class. I cannot wait for next term!
— Kate, 29, Kilburn
This course has probably been the best teaching I’ve experienced, just the right balance of being challenged and achieving. It feels so good to be dancing again! Thank you so much Serena!
— Hannah, 28, Hackney
Whether you have had any previous ballet training before or are a complete beginner, Serena’s teaching allows for everyone to learn at a pace that feels comfortable whilst still challenging. Having returned to ballet I found the Level 1 class a brilliant place to start re-building techniques that I had leant previously and most importantly, the classes are a lot of fun! The Saturday morning ballet class has become the highlight of my week!
— Zoe, 24, Hackney
I’ve found it difficult to find the right level for me with past classes and one that’s enjoyable. Some schools are also too crowded and so you have to have confidence to fight for space and be oushy which isn’t my nature and can put a real downer on doing class. With Ballet for You there is a good atmosphere in the classes, you don’t have to fight your way to the front to be noticed or for space and Serena spends equal time on everyone. She has very advanced knowledge of Ballet, of different styles and syllabi, technique, repertoire, pilates, body conditioning etc. Exercises have interesting choreography are are always well thought through. The variations class is the best for me! Having the rare opportunity to learn historic, world famous choreography by a professional dancer is brilliant! This really gives you the chance to get absorbed in the dance and chararcter. It adds an extra fun element to doing ballet classes and is something I’ve found nowhere else in London!
— Ellie, 28, Dalston
I found Serena to be an excellent teacher, providing plenty of individual attention with a great mix of motivating feedback, whilst always pushing you this bit further. I have been amazed at how much one can improve with just one class a week (and at my age and fitness level!) and would love to have the time to do more! Highly enjoyable and satisfactory - looking forward to more of the same!
— Helene, 41, South Hampstead
I like Serena’s constant attention and feedback that she gives to each individual. She is always patient and encouraging which has helped me gain confidence in learning ballet. Apart from enjoying the dancing and workout, I find the courses o be a brilliant way to deal with stress and improve my concentration.
— Jasmina, 38, Hackney
Serena is an excellent teacher who focuses on each student and assists him/her to work to the best of his/her ability. The classes are fun and makes you feel energised. I love dancing but hadn’t done Ballet for 20 years and feel that Serena’s classes are the best! I’ve learnt so much over the past few weeks. I can whole heartedly recommend Serena’s courses and i encourage everyone who is thinking about dancing to join in!
— Amelia, 33, Stoke Newington
Serena’s teaching is consistent with clear instructions. She is happy to stop and go over something if not understood, but maintains an excellent momentum to the class...we’re working all the time! I have also found the Ballet Floor-barre really worthwhile for strength and flexibility.
— Michaela, 50, Westbourne Park
I love my Saturday morning Ballet classes. They provide a wonderful start to the weekend, leaving me feeling strengthened, refreshed....and like a little girl beaming with pride at her new ballet skills!
— Alice, 26, Stoke Newington
The exercises are broken down into small, easy to learn sections; the visualisations are hugely helpful and spot on when learning something new. Everyone in the class receives personal attention to their performance which is encouraging and reassuring. The handouts are very clear and invaluable for home priactise. My legs feel stronger and more toned, my core feels like it’s getting stronger and my balance is better - I have had labyrinthitis several times in the past and my balance has been permanently affected, so i can get a bit wobbly sometimes. The ballet has really helped with this which is also helpful day-to-day. Excellent course! Looking forward to the next!
— Emma, 31, North Watford
Serena, thank you for being a fantastic teacher. I’ve enjoyed the classes so much, and I know I’ve gained a lot - there are many things that I will carry forward in my life - such as standing straighter, feeling good about my body from the exercises, and knowing the joy that would bring me from dancing. I wanted to learn ballet when I was in kindergarten, but I quit because the teacher was mean to me. Now you’ve bought ballet back to my life and I am so grateful!
— Jess, 35, Rotherhithe
I have enjoyed every aspect of the course and have found it hugely beneficial!
— Jay, 39, Kensal Rise
Serena is a fabulous teacher - just “proper” teaching, unlike so many adult classes out there that just bombard you with exercises with no corrections or explanations.
— Gina, 37, Croydon
I really look forward to each lesson, not only do I feel as if I am making real progress but also I come out of each lesson feeling completely relaxed and cheerful, no matter how bad the day has been. It is not an exaggeration to say that the lessons have become one of the most enjoyable parts of my week.
— Hannah, 33, Stoke Newington
I’ve really enjoyed this course. I feel like we’ve all come such a long way in a relatively short length of time and that’s all down to Serena’s teaching; the classes are paced so that you’re always learning something new but never feel left behind. I feel so much more confident now in class and can really feel the difference in my strength and coordination. Most of all though, it’s been enormous fun!
— Kate, 36, Hackney
Serena is an amazing teacher - warm, friendly, patient and attentive to each and every student in the class. The course is well structured and not too overwhelming for beginners. The handouts are really helpful for practicing at home and I love the you tube clips too. Serena always seems attuned to each student’s needs and spends time helping and encouraging throughout each session which makes for a great atmosphere. My confidence has really grown so thank you! A very big thank you to Serena for making it the highlight of my week!
— Kirstie, 29, Hampstead
Serena is very passionate about ballet and this comes across in how she takes an interest in everyone’s progress and knows us all by name. She provides very good and helpful feedback to enable us to improve and I have personally seen a real improvement in my barrework.
— Lynsey, 27, Balham
I particularly liked that Serena took the times to learn our individual names as well as our strengths and weaknesses within the first 2 classes and each bit of advice and support was tailored to our individual needs. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will be returning for Level 2!
— Emily, 25, Surrey
The pacing of the course was just right. I learned so much in 11 weeks having never done any ballet before. I really enjoy every week and look forward to it!
— Kathryn, 30, Stoke Newington
When I saw an advert for Serena’s classes in Hackney Today, I decided it was time I went back to ballet. I’d had a 3 year break and was nervous about coming back, but Serena is an amazing teacher, full of metaphors to aid technique and masses of patience. I’m better than I’ve ever been at ballet, I can even pirrouette now!
— Rosie, 19, Lower Clapton
I feel I have learnt a lot in the year I have been attending Serena’s classes. She has an eye for detail and her love of ballet is contagious. I have discovered muscles I never knew I had. I can now tell a plie from a releve’ and I’ve learned how to do pirouettes - fantastic!
— Iago, 29, Angel
Fabulous ballet classes. Serena has made returning to ballet (after many, many years) so much fun. She is very patient but works us hard. It is so refreshing to look forward to exercise this much - I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these classes and will certainly sign up for more in the future.
— Sophie, 26, Stoke Newington
It’s been great to dance like this again, and as part of such an intelligently taught class. Thank you!
— Hannah, 26, Hackney
I fumbled my way through most of it with lots of tutting to myself. But I love, love, loved every minute of the Summer Programme. Invigorating! Thank you, Serena.
— Landi, 37, Queen's Park
Thanks to Serena’s inspirational teaching, I have returned to ballet after a gap of 40 years! I take 3 classes per week; my favourite has to be the floor-barre which has enabled me to recover from my achilles tendon injuries. I love it!!!
— Ruth, 61, Hackney
I’ve loved ballet since I was a small child but never felt very co-ordinated and so didn’t progress very far. As an unfit woman in my thirties I thought I’d never get the chance to learn but then I discovered Serena’s classes and I’m so glad I did! The classes are fun and interesting and at just the right pace so as to feel like I’m improving but not getting myself tied up in knots! For me it’s the perfect way to move my body in a way that feels good, and the lovely music also helps me unwind after a hard day at the office. Serena is patient and approachable and I would heartily recommend her classes to anyone who has ever secretly dreamed of being a ballerina - it’s never too late!
— Amy, 33, Stoke Newington
I really enjoyed Serena’s Adult Beginners Ballet Course and although it is harder to learn dance moves as you get older than it is when you are a child, these classes are a great way of improving co ordination, posture and keeping your brain alert!!
— Clare, 31, Queen's Park
Serena is really clear when explaining what to do, and very encouraging. I like the fact that she takes time to teach the terminology as well as the technique. The lessons are well structured and i really feel a sense of progressing from one week to the next. Thank you!
— Gill, Stoke Newington
I really enjoyed the lessons, and was surprised by how much I got out of it. It was the first form of exercise I took up after being pregnant twice in 1.5 years and I actually feel it was the perfect postnatal exercise class! I’m more aware of my posture and feel that certain exercises you showed us are great for my post birth belly and sore back!
— Karin, 31, Stoke Newington
Very enjoyable lessons, clearly demonstrated
— Krista, Queen's Park
Very positive, clear and helpful
— Esther, 41, Queen's Park
Very enthusiastic & optimistic. I was a complete beginner and have learnt a lot.
— Elizabeth, 37, Willesden Green
Despite my two left feet, I love this class, I look forward to it every week, and practise at home. I feel I can just about see a swan emerging from an ugly duckling!
— Lorna, 36, Clapton
The floor barre exercises are a really helpful way to start a class. Serena’s choreography is consistently interesting and challenging to perform and you can see the purpose of it - to work on a particular technique or strengthen a particular part of the body. Most enjoyable and I look forward to the next course.
— Lindsey, 33, Highbury
Being taught my first dance steps by Serena has been, above all, a pleasure. She puts emphasis on technique in an enjoyable and encouraging way. Her motivation as a teacher is reciprocated with enthusiasm by the class. I always feel lively and exalted after her lessons.
— Theo, 28, Manor Park
Great knowledge and very patient, her teaching style makes it really enjoyable. Serena is also committed to ensure we always get it right.
— Jaqueline, 37, Queen's Park
Serena’s teaching is very clear and concise. I really enjoyed her professionalism as a teacher, and her enthusiasm as a dancer is infectious.
— Seodin, 31, Stoke Newington
Learning from Serena has been an absolute joy - her encouragement and positivity has really helped me regain my confidence in dance. In the twelve weeks of the course I felt the effects of her teaching not only in class but in everyday life - improved posture, confidence and flexibility. The classes are also enormously fun, and it was wonderful to be able to demonstrate what we’d learned at the end of term in a choreographed dance, something I’d have thought myself incapable of three months earlier! My childhood love of ballet has been reawakened and I can’t wait for the next term to start.
— Lydia, 29, Stoke Newington
Serena’s love of dance is contagious. She inspires as she teaches and her teaching style is very warm and supportive. I would recommend Serena’s classes for both absolute beginners and those who have been away from ballet a long time - such as myself. There’s no need to be nervous or apprehensive but do be prepared to work hard and enjoy yourself!
— Debbie, 44, Hackney
I’m amazed at how much we covered in a few short weeks and I know my core stability has improved from things I now find easier in other activities
— Diana, 57, Stamford Hill
The teaching is excellent and makes me realise how poor all my ballet teachers have been before! It is like a breath of fresh air. The thing I like the most is that when I am not in the right position I am corrected each time. This didn’t happen with my other teachers so I have knowingly picked up bad habits but Serena is now correcting these so I can get it all right. Serena creates the right atmosphere in class of fun and positivity whilst being strict on ensuring we get the moves correct. I like this positive and directive approach.
— Melissa, 38, Hackney
Classes never failed to cheer me up on a bad day! Really enjoyed explainations & technique behind the barre exercises, many times before I’ve found myself just copying the move whereas in Serena’s classes I am understanding them as well.
— Danielle, 27, Highgate
I’ve done so much ballet training but I feel that since doing this course I am now using the correct turnout muscles for the first time! I really enjoyed the course! I always really look forward to classes and I’m really disappointed if I miss a class. I can feel so much improvement in my strength and technique. I can’t wait for the next course.
— Sarai, 23, Hackney
I have really enjoyed getting back into ballet again. I was initially very apprehensive about starting ballet again after more than 10 years, but I found the classes to be really supportive, fun and relaxed. I have noticed a number of improvements and I am definitely continuing with the classes.
— Paula, 27, Highbury
Brilliant, very clear and well paced. Great to have serious ballet tuition, even through we are only adult beginners.
— Fiona, 40, E8
I find Serena’s method of teaching to be very good, she is patient & always manages to convey the meanings of ballet postions & terminlogy in a concise, easy to understand manner especially to students with little or no experience of Ballet. Serena has made my learning experience so enjoyable that I am definitely looking forward to Level 2, plus I feel so much fitter.
— Daisy, 35, Stoke Newington
Serena is the most patient teacher, she clearly loves her subject and is enthusiastic about imparting her knowledge to others in a very professional, kind and tolerant way. I have absolutely loved my ballet classes and learned a lot. I’ve felt privileged to learn from a real live ballerina. Thank you Serena!
— Gillian, 48, Cricklewood
Serena cares about the progress of everyone on the course and monitors and pays a lot of attention to each student. She is helpful and friendly. I really enjoyed this class. I’ve always wanted to learn ballet and never thought I’d have the opportunity. It has helped my flexibility and has been a lot of fun.
— Sandra, 35, W11