Ballet Courses for Adult Beginners

Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Beginner-General

Serena Cundari

Ballet is not only a beautiful art form and way of expressing yourself, it also has many benefits:

- toning the whole body
- strengthening and lengthening muscles
- increasing memory, balance, core stability & flexibility
- improving coordination, musicality and rhythm
- dancing increases serotonin levels making us feel happier!

Here's a video showing the 3 beginner levels- see below for info on each.

Serena's Adult Beginners Ballet Courses are specially designed to build week by week, encouraging confidence and a sense of achievement in an enjoyable atmosphere.  Handouts are provided to help consolidate what's been covered and so you can practice at home.


Level 1 is open to adults with little or no experience in Ballet, or for those wishing to start afresh.  By the end of the course, you will have grasped the basics in Ballet and its vocabulary. 

Level 2 is suitable for those who have completed Level 1 or for those who have done some recent basic ballet training to be at a similar stage.  By the end of the course, you will have progressed to more challenging sequences using a wider range of steps. 

Level 3 prepares students for the Improvers Level; introducing exercises for pirouettes and linking steps in the centre such as pas de bourrees and glissades and jumps on 1 leg such as jete's.

Beginner-General is for those who have all the material from Beginners 3 competently under their belt including single pirouettes en dehors, quicker allegro and enough strength to rise and releve' continuously on one leg without the barre. This course focuses less on technique and more on polishing your movements to help you gain confidence and dance your enchainements more fluidly.


 Come and discover the dancer in you!