Autumn Term: 9th September - 30th November 2019
Spring Term: 13th January - 4th April 2020
Summer Term: 20th April - 11th July 2020

Enrolment: If you have missed enrolment this term please click HERE to register - you will then be assessed to see which is the best level for you to enrol on next term, and have the chance to book before the general public.

Self-Assessment: You can see the requirements for each of the levels by clicking this link: Assessing the Best Level for You

Ballet for You offers 9 levels of skill, each building form the last for true progress. Click below to find out more:

Beginners (4 levels)

Improvers (3 levels)

Advanced (2 levels)

Specialist Courses: There are also several specialist courses. Click each link to see more information:

Ballet Floor-barre

Pointe (3 levels)


Men’s class

Variations (Advanced ladies)

Pas de Deux

Discount Scheme: Ballet requires correct practice and repetition so attending more than once a week is ideal once you reach Beginners 3 level. Ballet for You offers a generous discount scheme of 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% for those attending multiple courses.

Come and discover the dancer in you!