Ballet courses for Adult Beginners, Improvers and Returning Dancers + Ballet Floor-barre, Pointe, Repertoire, Men's class & Pas de Deux



autumn term: 10 september - 1 december 2018

(Halfterm Break: 22-27 Oct)
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There are 4 levels of Beginners, 3 levels of Improvers and 2 levels of Advanced + 3 levels of Pointe, Men's class, Repertoire and Pas de Deux


Serena's Adult Beginners Ballet Courses are specially designed to build week by week, encouraging confidence and a sense of achievement in an enjoyable atmosphere.

The Improver Levels progress from the Beginner Levels and cover more complex elements of Ballet including pirouettes and more allegro

 Ballet for You Advanced  Photographer: Sara  Location: SPACe, Hoxton

The Advanced Level is ideal for professionals, returning dancers and vocational students who wish to work on strength, technique and developing their artistry. If you're fit and a returning professional dancer, this is for you.

Serena's Ballet Floor-Barre consists of exercises based on Ballet steps performed lying and sitting on the floor. It's an ideal way to prepare and maintain the body for Ballet - strengthening, lengthening & toning, whilst increasing flexibility.

 Ballet for You Pointe  Photographer: Danielle Cowan  Location: SPACe, Hoxton

Pointe classes for 3 levels - Beginners, Elementary & Intermediate - plus Variations en Pointe for Advanced ladies

Pas de Deux and Variations en Pointe is reserved for Advanced level ladies although men who are in Beginner and Improver levels are welcome to enrol on the pas de deux course. Repertoire is subject to enrolling in the preceding Improver 2 course. Students who are competent with Beginners Level 3 material and above have the opportunity to learn repertoire in the Intensives and Performance Groups.

I have learned more in 11 weeks with Serena than I have in a year of classes elsewhere
— Sally, 31, London Bridge
Outstanding teacher who takes adult dancers seriously; a well structured course.
— Josh, 34, Wandsworth
Serena’s Ballet For You is an absolute gem... I dare say the best adult ballet classes in London!
— Irina, 37, Morden
I enjoyed every minute of the performance, from the rehearsals to the day itself!
— Nathaniel, 39, Hoxton
Serena’s approach is thoughtful to each individual; she teaches with consistency and allows a systematic building-up of skills and confidence.
— Hester, 32, Stoke Newington
This course has probably been the best teaching I’ve experienced, just the right balance of being challenged and achieving. It feels so good to be dancing again! Thank you so much Serena!
— Hannah, 28, Hackney

Come and discover the dancer in you!