No classes during the halfterm break: 18th - 23rd Feb incl

(Enrolment for this term has now closed)

missed out enrolling this term?

1: If you are new to Ballet for You and haven't a membership number already, you will first need to register so we can assess the right level for you: Registration

To have an idea of the level of skill and experience required for each level, click this link: Assessing the Best Level for You

2. Once you’ve been assessed and know the right level for you, you will be able to enrol on the Summer Term when bookings open in March 2019.

3. Existing Ballet for You attendees will be able to enrol a week before you. If you register in advance, you will have a head-start over the general public and will be emailed the new enrolment form before it appears here on the website.

Summer Term: Tuesday 23rd April - Monday 8th July 2019

Places are limited and are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.