Pre-Improvers | Improvers 1 | Improver general

The Improver Levels progress from the Beginner Levels and cover more complex elements of Ballet including pirouettes and more allegro with a greater sense of movement in each class to challenge technically, whilst encouraging artistic development.


Pre-Improvers is for those who have competently completed the Level 3 Beginner's stage and are ready to learn more of the Ballet vocabulary exploring more complex movements. This level looks at polishing technique as well as use of epaulement, and building more fluidity in preparation for Improvers 1. The 90 min Wed class spends more time on pirouettes & allegro and the Fri class is followed by a Beginners Pointe class. Handouts are provided.
Optional Extra: Beginner's Pointe follows the Fri class

Improvers 1 is for those who have gained sufficient skill, technique and strength to learn more advanced steps and combinations including brise's, entrechat trois, entrechat cinq grand rond de jambe, fouette' of adage, penche', fouette' rond de jambe en tournant and grand jete' en tournant. This course is taken without the use of a barre to put you firmly on your legs. You should have attended this course before enrolling on Improver-General and works very well in conjunction. Handouts provided. 

Improver General is for those who have attended Improvers 1 and are confident and competent with its material.  Classes will be taught with a more open class feel with particular attention to dance quality and polish.
Optional Extras: Pointe & Repertoire