Easter & Summer Intensives

Ballet for You offers holiday programmes consisting of workshops, ballet classes and the opportunity to learn existing or reworked classical and neo-classical repertoire.

Easter INTENSIVES 2018
MONDAY 9th - FRIDAY 13th Apr 2018

The Place, 16 Flaxman Terrace, London WC1H 9AT (Mon-Thu)
SPACe, 31 Falkirk St, London, N1 6HF (Fri)

PROGRAMME #1: Foot Workshop - Increase strength and flexibility in the ankles and feet (Ideal for pointe)
Suitable for beginners, improvers and advanced dancers, ladies and gents alike
Mon 9th April 2018
(Please bring a light to medium weight theraband)

PROGRAMME #2 Ballet class & Repertoire: Act 1 Giselle Waltz
Suitable for those attending Level 3 Beginners & Beginner-General levels
Tue 10th - Fri 13th April 2018

PROGRAMME #3 Ballet class and new Repertoire: Bizet's L'Arlesienne Suite #2
Suitable for those attending Pre-Improvers, Improvers & Advanced Levels
Mon 9th-Fri 13th April 2018


Bolero from 2017 Summer Programme

Romeo and Juliet from the first (of 3) 2016 Summer Programmes

Paquita from the 2nd (of 3) 2016 Summer Programmes

Romeo & Juliet - Dance of the Knights - from the 3rd (of 3) 2016 Summer Programmes

Waltz of the Flowers from the 2015 Summer Programme.


The 2014 Summer Programme covered The Waltz from Act 1 Swan Lake and Snowflakes from Act 1 The Nutcracker, the choreography from Snowflakes was then adapted for use in the 2015 Performance. This shows the video for the Waltz only.