Improver General

This class is for people who have sound knowledge and skill of ballet and its terminology to Improvers 1 level or higher. The class has a more open class feel with particular focus on dance quality and style and works very well alongside the Advanced course if more experienced or the Pre-Improvers level if less so.

Requirements: Attendees should already have been taught the following in order to be ready for this level: entrechat trois, entrechat cinq, brise', fouette' rond de jambe en tournant, grand jete' en tournant.
Optional Extras: 30 mins Men's class and 60 min Pas de Deux follow directly afterwards.

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Improver General Ballet

There are no more places available on this course for ladies; 2 places remain for gents

Day: Saturdays
Time: 2.30-3.45pm
Place: SPACe (Studio A), 31 Falkirk Street, London N1 6HF
Dates: 13th January - 24th March 2018
(10 week course; no class 17 Feb)
Cost: £135

Optional Extras:

New! Men's Class (30 mins): £50
An extra 30 mins covering men's allegro and pirouettes from 3.45-4.15pm; attendance of preceding Improver-General class required

New! Pas de Deux for men and advanced ladies (en pointe): £110
Pas de Deux follows the men's class from 4.15-5.15pm; ladies must attend the 2.30pm Improver-General class and will need to warm themselves up en pointe during the Men's class; this class is also open to men who are less experienced; they will need to have completed Level 1 Beginners at a minimum.


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Pre-Imp, Imp 1, & Imp-Gen Ballet classes, Men's class & Pas de Deux | £420 (save £140!)

Note: You must already have attended and be competent with material from Improvers 1 Level to take advantage of these offers


Places are available on a first come, first served basis so Book early to avoid disappointment